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Before you submit your information, Please read over our tutoring rules

Toucan Rules

1. Honest
Please make sure prior to meeting with classmates, you are able to help them with the specific help they request. Do not cheat. If they ask for the answers, don’t do it. Please notify us if they ask. Email us.

2. Respectful
It’s important that you and your classmate meet in a public Location to create a safe environment. (Coffee shop, school Library, Classroom Buildings) Making your classmates feel inferior is unacceptable, be kind and understanding of their needs. Respect each other’s personal space. This goes for both parties; we encourage you to notify us of any inappropriate behavior. Email us.

3. On Prompt
Be on time to your tutoring session. If an emergency arises please notify your student that you will not be able to make it as soon as possible. We all have busy schedules so lets be respectful of each others time.

We are extremely serious about these rules. If you violate our rules, we will find out, and you will increase your chances of being expelled from the app as a tutor.

Why Become A Toucan Tutor?

Make as much as you want, when you want to while helping classmates


Choose your own hours to help your classmates out. Don't be tied down with quotas or other restrictions on how you tutor. As a tutor you have the power to decide when you are available to help.


We are doing the right thing by giving tutors what they deserve. You have the freedom to choose how much you want to charge per hour.


Trying to find an internship or job? Be a tutor on Toucan, build your resume for the future and make money while you're at it. It's simple, you help others out and we build your reputation.

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